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Our Mission

Since its inception, Ecclesiastical Art & Design, Ltd. has worked on projects of varying styles and sizes. Our team is dedicated to providing original solutions specific to each sacred space in a way that preserves its heritage, beauty and spiritual tradition. Our original work includes murals, mosaic, and stained glass with the unique ability of providing a comprehensive solution. Our hands-on knowledge of the various mediums and disciplines allows us to emphasize and feature an idea and solution for each unique architectural space.   

Our Services

Our firm offers a wide range of restoration and original artwork services in various mediums. We work together with each project's committee to determine the best design solution for each individual space. 

Site Visits and Consultations

Members of our team will make a visit to a site to discuss potential design solutions with clients. Once on site, we are able to address your requirements- delivering a design that enhances your spiritual space and vision. Our firm has a proven track record of over 50 years showcased in over 150 projects across the world in comprehensive ecclesiastical art and design.  

Construction Management

- General Contracting

- Design/Build

- Programming

- Project Scheduling

- Design and Planning

- HVAC & Lighting Design

- Floor Design


Renderings and Presentations

We offer professional renderings and presentations to our clients on site. Our goal is to maximize your fundraising targets and community outreach. We prepare and deliver presentations, physical and/or digital models to committees and clients in order to finalize and showcase our designs. These presentations enhance the potential for members of the community to directly participate in the project.   

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