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St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church commissioned our studio to design and execute complete interior iconography and decoration for their new parish church.

Our liturgical design for St. Mary Magdalene is directly inspired by the passage found in the Gospel of John and mosaic found in the Apse of San Clemente in Rome, Italy. Designed in the spirit of the Basilica's mosaic, our design concept is made original by including elements unique to its location and focusing on the existing Crucifixion (statuary) located inside the church. Our focus is to create a comprehensive design that will harmonize the various elements of the church; drawing attention to the existing Crucifixion and Altar in the sanctuary while highlighting the new architecture and design of the the church.

The entire ceiling of the nave of the church will consist of the Litany of Saints, surrounded by original vine-work; highlighting native flowers of Texas. This Litany of Saints accompany the faithful to the restored Garden of Eden as depicted in the Apse ceiling and sanctuary wall. 

This project is currently ongoing. 

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