Saint Gabriel's Church

Saint Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church is a unique example of the late 19th century American Architecture, commisioned by the prominent New York Iselin family. A wooden barrel-vaulted ceiling and mosaic-tile floor exemplify its architecture. The church also boasts a collection of varied, historical stained-glass panels from Europe and America, including four Tiffany-style windows.

Our studio rehabilitated the entire interior of Saint Gabriel's. This included the cleaning of the ceiling, uncovering and restoration of the original mosaic-tile floor, cleaning, re-leading and restoration of the stained glass windows. Our studio also completed some original design work, including the composition and execution of a new Sanctuary design, the gilding of the barrel-vault ceiling, mosaic backdrops for existing statuary and the design of new light fixtures. We also designed and supervised implementation of a new HVAC system. 

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