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Stained Glass Restoration

Our studio's ongoing projects with the Diocese of Bridgeport started with the removal, preservation, and restoration of historic stained glass windows in Holy Rosary Church. Our studio removed and preserved a total of forty-three (43) stained glass windows, ranging in size from 3' x 5' to 4' x 12'.


The stained glass windows were carefully removed and packaged for long-term storage. Currently, six (6) panels are undergoing a complete restoration and are being reincorporated into new designs for other churches within the Diocese.

Architectural Design

Our studio was further commissioned to design a new Adoration Chapel which would incorporate a series of thirteen (13) recovered stained glass windows from Holy Rosary Church, to be constructed in Stamford, CT. Our studio designed the Adoration Chapel to honor the gothic artistry of the stained glass windows and marble reredos. We worked in partnership with Partners for Architecture of Stamford, CT to develop renderings to be presented for zoning approval and contract bidding. This project is currently ongoing. 

Marble Reredos Removal, Restoration, and Reconstruction

Concurrently, our studio is removing a marble reredos from St. John Nepomucene Church and reconstructing it in the sanctuary of St. Charles Borromeo Church. 

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